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An extract from Michael Sexton’s column in today’s Oz.
“…The forces of political correctness in all these countries are prepared to wage a war on much of modern history because they believe that anything, past or present, that is inconsistent with their fiercely held articles of faith must be expunged. These zealous beliefs include: hostility to all forms of Christian religion but especially the Catholic Church; suspicion of the activities of law enforcement bodies, particularly in the area of anti-terrorism but in the criminal law generally; a sentiment in favour of open borders and so against any restrictions on refugees, whether economic or otherwise, entering the country; an alarmist view of climate change and its causes; support for transferring political questions from parliaments to courts by way of a bill of rights; preference for rule by international bodies, such as the UN or the EU, over national governments.
It might be noted that none of these views involve the members of the politically correct class, who are invariably well-off, in making any financial or other sacrifices in the course of their crusades.
The antipathy to inconvenient historical facts is also reflected in the so-called “trigger warnings” that have been instituted in quite a number of US universities and in some Australian universities. These are particularly relevant to history courses because it is especially in these studies that some highly sensitive students might encounter material that they find offensive. They must, therefore, be warned in advance of the offensive material lest their delicate feelings be injured. History is just another battlefield for the warriors of political correctness…”