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You’d expect this to be front page in the Tele and right across all media. You’d expect the Prime Minister to be all over the media this morning saying in effect that “ instructions to the department will be that this is to be reversed with immediate effect..”
No inquiries, No calling for a report filtered by Prime Ministerial handlers, No duck shoving. Just get it done.
Maybe we expect too much but this kind of stuff is as basic as it gets and the simple kind of thing we expect the political class to act upon and there’s NO political cost to them. It’s 100% upside.

“…in preparation for this year’s 75th anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign, a series of taxpayer-funded “interpretative panels” erected at Owers Corner, at the entrance to the trail, have deleted the word “mateship” from the original motto “Courage-Mateship-Sacrifice-Endurance”.
In its place, the words “friendship” and “unity” are peppered through new commemorative materials…” PC rubbish an affront to Kokoda Veteran