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It is such a situation and over such a fundamental and basic gesture of decency as shaking hands, that flushes out the pusillanimous, soft cock, milk toast, deferential weasels of the political class. .
They are just appallingly gutless. Worse than any of us thought. Dreadful people with dreadful judgment who still can’t pin point why Pauline Hanson is on a roll. This kind of thing is what you would expect from the Marxist Andrews, Labor government of Victoria not a supposed Liberal conservative government of NSW.
This is exactly what is meant by the term “creeping sharia” or sharia by stealth or death by a thousand cuts.
The only one who gets this and understands the irony in this situation is Jeremy Sammut with his comments below.
“…While some commentators have denounced the controversial protocol, claiming that it has no place in a secular education system, NSW politicians have gone to ground.
Liberal MP for Oatley, Mark Coure, was at the Hurstville Boys’ Campus awards ceremony in ­December but declined to comment. State Education Minister Rob Stokes also declined to comment, a spokeswoman saying he “has nothing to add to the department’s earlier statement”. Opposition education spokesman Jihad Dib, a former school principal who is a Muslim, also declined to ­comment.
Jeremy Sammut, a senior research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies, questioned the Education Department allowing a school to introduce “a divisive” policy.
“This is an issue of misplaced cultural sensitivity by the education authority that does both the broader community and the Islamic community a disservice,” Dr Sammut said.
“And it doesn’t say much about the recent claims (by Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied last week) that Islam is a feminist ­religion.’’
Peter Wallace, an aspiring independent politician and former Hurstville Boys student, described the policy as “disgusting”.
“This is teaching Muslim boys … that women are not their equal. It’s not multiculturalism — its gender segregation,” he said…” Politicians, education officials shie from handshake protocol issue — The Australian