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I know you’re busy, everyone’s busy but this is a must read. It explains a lot….sorry..scrub that….It explains everything.

“…Postmodernists believe that the values, practices, and principles of the Enlightenment era in the West, that is scientific inquiry, rationality, reason, and the search for objective truth through the use of these methods, essentially create a system of intellectual “hierarchies”(if we haven’t heard that word bandied about enough recently) that suppress alternative ideas about, and interpretations of, the world, and thus “oppress” those who may not believe, or may not want to believe, the objective truths about the world.

The postmodernists reject the idea that truth exists independently of the individual human mind, and they argue that truth is subjective, and that one person’s “truth” is no more valid, true, or factual than another person’s.

They advocate that science, history, language, etc should be viewed through a lens of an individual’s personal experience and feelings instead of the actual facts themselves, and that by asserting that there is a real truth, which obviously there is and always will be, you are excluding the perspectives of others who may not subscribe to the truth as established by the dominant group and their methods of finding the objective truth…”