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Notice how the press photographs of Albanese are pretty much always from an angle, looking up, as a child would to an adult or a person in authority like a policeman.


His hands either pointing in a controlling manner to a member of the press gallery or with both arms outstretched, in a Moses like, “follow me” gesture as he leads his flock to the promised land.


The body language is totally contrived and rehearsed.


The upward angle of the images are designed to convey the impression of imperiousness and grandeur.  of  a leader, tall and in control of all he surveys and looks down on from on high.


The opposite would be to shoot the photo from a downward angle to convey an impression of smallness.


It’s all about marketing the image and the impression of a statesmen.


He’s a states-boy at best.


Problem for Albo is that as much as he might try, you can you can take the boy out of the houso but you can’t take the houso out of the boy.