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This shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone except the naive God botherers like Tim Costello and the usual array of moral narcissists who like to be SEEN to be doing good rather than actually doing good.

The question the world should be asking is this.
When you consider the incredible wealth of their fellow Arabs and brother Muslims right next door in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, why is World Vision and Australia and the Western world more broadly even involved in donating money to the Palestinian cause?
Given the Muslim injunction roughly translated that “if one Muslim is harmed then all Muslims are harmed” one would have thought and expected that brother Muslims in the Arab world would be coming to the aid not only of the Palestinians but also opening their borders and taking the refugees currently flooding into Europe.
But I suspect that, that is not part of the plan of the stealth invasion and subsequent demographic jihad to keep things simmering and on the boil and to overtime, bring about a world caliphate by sheer dint of numbers.

“..The Department of Foreign Affairs said it was “deeply troubled” by allegations made by ­Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet that the director of World ­Vision’s Gaza branch Mohammed el-Halabi was secretly a member of Hamas’s armed wing, Izzedin al-Qassam.
Halabi was arrested on June 16 but indicted on Thursday.

Shin Bet alleges that since Halabi took over World Vision’s operations in Gaza in 2010 he secretly diverted to Hamas — ­including its military wing — around 60 per cent of World ­Vision’s $US7 million ($9.1m) ­annual budget in the territory.

If true the charges would have grave implications for Australian and western aid to the Palestinian territories where agencies have struggled in the past to ensure aid funds were not misused by groups with links to extremists.

Australia is understood to have provided about $5m aid to World Vision in the Palestinian territories in the past three years, with Halabi this year taking Australia’s Ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma, on a tour of Australian-funded aid projects in the Gaza Strip including agricultural projects. “The allegations that a locally- employed World Vision employee in the Gaza Strip has diverted aid funds from a range of international donors and provided support to Hamas are deeply troubling,” DFAT said in a statement.

“World Vision has received Australian funds for programs in the Palestinian territories. DFAT is investigating this as a matter of the highest priority.

“Halabi’s statements portray a troubling picture in which international institutions in Gaza are in fact controlled by the Islamist terrorist organisation Hamas,” the embassy said.

“It is evident that Hamas continues to exploit international ­humanitarian aid and resources intended to aid needy residents of the Gaza Strip but which is in fact diverted to Hamas for use in strengthening its terrorist and military capabilities.”

Shin Bet alleges Halabi joined Hamas armed wing Izzedin al-Qassam in 2004 and was asked to infiltrate a humanitarian organisation “to be close to decision makers in a foreign organisation, to be involved in the group and operate secretly to advance al-Qassam’s ­interests”.

It is alleged the funds he sent to Hamas’ military wing were used to buy weapons and to fund the digging of military-related tunnels in Gaza.

Halabi is accused of diverting $US80,000 from British donors to pay salaries of Hamas activists who had fought against Israel. In another instance, funds for projects purportedly to assist Gaza fishermen actually supplied diving suits and motorboats to Hamas’ naval force…”  World Vision aid cut over Hamas rort