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Fascinating to see the media all purse lipped and prissy over the 10 year old Trump video.
They certainly don’t like being marginalised and take themselves way too seriously, like some kind of priesthood.

They are having immense difficulty adjusting to the fact that with Twitter and websites and Fox News and all manner of social media, that they are no longer the gate keepers.
Trump is going over their heads and anyone can follow him on Twitter without media filters.

Here’s what going on.

What the anti Trump brigade and the main stream media still have difficulty wrestling with, (pardon the pun) is the observation by Alena Zito when she wrote during the campaign that:

“Trump supporters take Trump seriously but not literally. The media and his detractors take Trump literally but not seriously.”

That is what’s making the mainstream media’s heads explode. Trump is a force of nature and like any force of nature they can’t control him. They’re just not used to it. But they had better adjust and get used to it otherwise it’s going to be a very long four or even eight years..

That’s essentially the guts of it.