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I missed this nugget from the tin foil hat whack jobs a couple of weeks ago.

The Australian Labor Party is no longer recognisable as a party of the worker. The President of Turkey, Erdogan, once described democracy as a train you ride until it reaches your destination. This is exactly what’s happened to Labor and to some extent the Libs.
The Green Left and the agents of social, cultural and economic change have ridden the Labor train to their desired destination.

“…Chloe Shorten has joined a campaign encouraging parents to teach young children to challenge gender stereotypes even before they can walk.
The group will today release a research report supporting the challenging of gender stereotypes for children aged 0 to 3.
Research in the Power of Parents report claims a clear majority of parents of young children are on board with working to free their kids “limiting gender stereotypes” when they are babies and toddlers…”  Chloe Shorten leads gender equality campaign for babies and toddlers