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Putting aside the SSM implications, which he says played no part in his actions, this bloke Astro Labe epitomises the feral hard left. Just look at it. Some people are just straight up oxygen thieves, excess to requirements and should have been drowned at birth.
He’s a self described anarchist who says he’s harboured “a lifelong ambition to head butt a fascist”. His words. Some ambition. Well, you’ve done that, you’ve fulfilled what you think is your life long ambition, now go away you snivelling dog and die.
He, the anarchist, says he hates fascists which is how he characterises Abbott.
You are then left to wonder on what hard evidence does he make that characterisation?
Those that actually do know Tony Abbott know that the one word you would never use to describe him is fascist. More of just a good knock about bloke from the burbs.
The truth is that this piece of human garbage, Astro Labe, — who needed a gut full of grog by the way —- like all disaffected, inadequate, useful idiots, all round losers and human failures of the left with a monumental chip on their shoulder, is just another an incurious, intellectually lazy, sloth who hasn’t the capacity to put his case and therefore resorts to his weapon of choice, the head butt. I’m sure on another occasion in a back alley on a dark night it would be the steel capped boot or a knee to the groin.
In other instances his type smash windows, set fire to property, rip down posters and shout down any and all opposition.
In short anyone that disagrees with them is immediately pigeonholed as a fascist or a nazi. Funny that, when you see the antics of Antifa (short for anti fascist) on campus in the US, they’re the ones behaving like latter day Brown Shirts and Stormtroopers of another time. Behaving like the very thing they say they’re against.
I’m not sure what Tony Abbott’s doing today but more than likely he’s on duty with Frenchs Forest bush fire fighting team. On other occasions, once a year he goes bush and lives for a week with Aborigines in remote parts of Qld, NT and WA and then there’s the annual 10 day Poly-Pedal from point A to point B for charity.
I wonder what Mr Anarchist is doing for his community today?