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Mark Twain once made the astute observation, just as relevant today, that “if you don’t read the papers you’re uninformed. If you do read the papers you’re misinformed.

I find it interesting but not surprising that in the case of Hillary’s health, and other issues de jour, until the MSM media decrees that it’s news and worthy of front page treatment, it’s not news or it’s fringe news or it’s out there in the realm of conspiracy theories.

The problem is that the MSM in many instances do the community a disservice and live in their own reality bubble. In the case of Clinton they are so on board with the establishment and so anti Trump and see themselves as informed insiders, that they’ve been blinded and couldn’t or wouldn’t see what was starring them in the face.

Anyone paying a modicum of attention over the last 9 months or so knew that all was not well with the woman. I heard the US correspondent for 2GB Richard Arnold with Steve Price last night, despite the most recent video, still laughing it all off, playing it down and running the bullshit lines from Camp Hillary about the heat of the day, allergies and pneumonia as if he was one of those informed insiders.
None of this of course accounts for the bizzaro and weird bug eyed behavior, gyrating head, the nodding head, the 4 minute coughing attacks and the many brain freezes as she stares interminably mid speech into the middle distance. All of this has been played down, glossed over and pretty much ignored by the MSM.
I’m sticking with my prediction of several months back that she won’t be a starter on November 8.