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Less than a week after the revelation about Julie Bishop being a conduit for the Chinese to funnel donations to the WA Libs and now Sam Dastyari-gate, the average person may well conclude that foreign investment has taken on an entirely new meaning and raises a few questions.

Apart from the fact that the Chinese Government entity, Top Education, paid Dastyari’s $1600 bill, what was the nature and character of the relationship that he felt that he could simply prevail on them, confident and safe in the knowledge that the bill would automatically be paid?

What arrangement led Dastyari to harbour such an assumption and what would have been expected in return? What other deals have been done and promises made on both sides of politics that we don’t yet know about? What corrupt culture and pattern of thinking is at work that leads Dastyari and others to believe that such an arrangement and such behaviour  is even remotely kosher?

All up, cui bono, who benefits, and to what extent?

Apart from anything else Dastyari exhibits a curious and disturbing mindset and a morality that is way out of touch with community expectations and standards.

And it gets worse. Much worse. Chinese donor the Yuhu Group steps in to help Sam Dastyari

This from last year. Both parties are on the take and for huge amounts.. “….But when Labor switched from Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd, the campaign was shelved – and on July 28, 2014 Diversified Communications lodged a case against the Mr Dastyari – who by then was a federal senator – to recover a sum believed to be a little over $40,000 for preparatory work performed for the campaign for the ALP. And a little over three months later the case was confidentially settled for a figure said to be around $5000 – with the Yuhu Group paying the bill to settle the case for the Senator…”