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Just how dumb are Labor and the Greens? By standing against the ultimate expression of democracy, a plebiscite on Gay Marriage, they are crafting and handing to the Coalition the weapon with which they will be bludgeoned at the next election. That is, not allowing the people to express their view on such a bedrock social issue at the ballot box. The angle and pitch would be along the lines that Labor and The Greens, despite giving  the impression their interested in what you think before the election, they really couldn’t care less and have no intention or inclination to respect your views after the election.
Having said that, we may well wonder whether Turnbull is just as timid and dumb and won’t use the gift to batter his opponents as standing against democracy, just as he didn’t have the wit or skill to use the dirt on Shorten and Labor as revealed at the Union Royal Commission at the last election.