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It was a fanfare for the common man but in all the dissembling, spin and statistical breakdown over the US election there’s been a great deal made of the so called, uneducated white voter.

It is this simple postmodern, pigeonholing of the white man that reinforces the view of a condescending, snobbish elitism at work, which triggered the blowback at the ballot box in the first place and is typical of the self loathing, delusional mush and guff being drip fed into the malleable minds of the naive and gullible.

This being the case it would seem to be those that have the college or university education, that are the “uneducated” or at least only educated to within the limits and confines of the life experience afforded by the cloistered university bubble.

Apart from the basics, education is more largely about wisdom derived from the sum total of ones life experience. The social and political sciences as opposed to the hard stuff are really just theories and ideas that in many instances have no real world application or have demonstrably failed rather than flourish when given a run.

If the feral, salivating attack dogs and associated useful idiots taking to the streets in cities across the US are the best and brightest, exhibit A, of the “educated vote” in the court of public opinion, then the BS detectors, lived education and experience of the “uneducated” got the election result right.