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Memo to The Liberal Party:
Pick a cliché. You can prevaricate, kick the can down the road, whistle past the cemetery or rearrange the deck chairs as much as you like but without Abbott at the helm the Liberal ship is going to hit the sand – And everyone knows it.
Everyone else is either a ditherer of the left, like Turnbull, a plodder like Dutton (who stands to lose his own seat anyway) or lacking the political street smarts and junkyard dog mongrel of Abbott. With Turnbull you’ll be fighting for the spoils of opposition. With Abbott, its not guaranteed but you may still have a chance.
A couple of letter writers in the Australian seem to have not been paying attention with their observations that “..Tony Abbott had his chance and failed to deliver..” (Angus Moody) and “..Tony Abbott’s policy and selling skills are zero..” (Don Spence)

This would be the same Tony Abbott who from opposition took Julia Gillard to a hung parliament in 2010 and then took the coalition to government in 2013 in a landslide. A record total of 25 seats in 3 years.

He said he’d abolish the carbon tax. He did.
He said he would do what Labor, Fairfax and the ABC said couldn’t be done and stop the boats.
He did that too.
All Turnbull seems capable of doing is stopping the votes, trashing Abbott’s landslide victory and delivering a Labor government. It’s all going according to plan.
Given the politics of preening, posturing, moral grandstanding and obstruction by the senate with respect to other policy initiatives, that’s a pretty good batting average in anyone’s language.
Abbott with his mongrel junkyard dog political street smarts, from a standing start can do it all again as he is the only thing standing between sunny uplands for Australia and political oblivion for the Liberal Party.