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Again, the events around London and Manchester and other random attacks are going to prove hard to contain. It’s guerrilla warfare. It’s opportunistic. Anytime, anywhere, anyone.
The perpetrators hold all the cards and only they know when and where they’re going to strike.


As the saying goes, the terrorists only have to get it right once. The authorities have got to get it right every single time.


Never was Leon Trotsky’s observation more relevant to the obsequious political class who would rather hit the snooze button and deny that we are at war or at least that war has been declared upon us.
Trotsky’s original maxim was that:
“You may not be interested in war but war is interested in you”
and the reworked version:
“You may not be interested in Islam but Islam is interested in you”

Both of these are equally relevant today. Right here, right now.

Sooner or later the West is going to have to begin to apply the concept of group guilt to send a very loud message. That is, no matter how long they’ve been here, the immediate family, friends and associates are all rounded up, stripped of citizenship and deported whether they were aware of or involved in the attack or not.
The same should apply to the mosque they prayed at. Shut it down and deport the Imam and family. As we’ve seen over the last decade or two the mosques and prayer halls in many cases are terror central.


It is abundantly clear that the traditional, tough talking, constable plod and the mealy mouthed political pieties of “bringing them to justice” and the “full force of the law” just don’t cut it with this belligerent Muslim mindset.

It’s not for turning. It’s hard wired. Exhibit A. Look at the way they attempt to continue their Jihad from inside the Super Max.


The “home grown” excuse is also wearing thin. As I’ve said before, the individual maybe home grown but the mindset is fully imported from the 7th century Middle East and should be sent back there.

The most crucial point is this.

Our own mindset of “we can’t do that” or “that’s not who we are” is also not working. This also must change or at least, in a time of war, as we are, be temporarily suspended.
People who cling to the “that’s not who we are” meme had better smarten up and should begin to understand that, “that is who we had better become” and fast, if we stand any chance of defeating this scourge.