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In 2013, Simon Copland the Sydney Star Observer columnist, Editor of Green Agenda, and former ACT Greens convenor wrote on the SBS website in a column, “What Will Same Sex Marriage Actually Mean” that:

“The NSW Government changed 20 pieces of legislation to give same-sex de facto couples the same legal footing as their heterosexual counterparts. This created a domino affect and by 2006 all states and territories had legislation of some form providing same-sex couples the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts.”

This was further tidied up in 2008 by the Rudd Government with the passing of the Same-Sex Relationships (Equal Treatment in Commonwealth Law Reform) Act.

That being the case, why is this debate being allowed to pivot on the useful idiot mantra of “marriage equality” when it’s quite apparent that equality has already been achieved?

One can only suspect that the deceptive use of the word equality is simply a semantic, marketing tool, designed to appeal to the average Australians innate sense of decency when in fact it’s a stalking horse to establish a beachhead for a much broader and expansive agenda including to not just redefine, dilute and diminish, but actually make irrelevant and demolish the very institution they say they want to be part of.