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Wendy Turner, (Justice demands we support two states, The Australian 6/8) writes “It’s time, therefore, to recognise the other state. It is the just thing to do.”
If only it were that simple.

The misty eyed, misguided and facile advocacy of the likes of Turner and Bob Carr betrays and underscores their ignorance or deliberate fudging of the diabolical complexity of the problems on the ground and ignores the ingrained, mothers milk mindset of the Palestinian leadership which filters right down to the classroom.

This dictates the violent and total destruction and elimination of the state of Israel.

Turner, Carr and other advocates should proffer solutions to the problems to be solved on the way through rather than going straight to the end goal.
Life, doesn’t work that way.

Apart from such advocacy being a blatant exercise in shoring up Labor seats in Western Sydney, which Palestinian leadership do you recognise, the Leadership of Mahmoud Abbas who controls the West Bank and is into the twelfth year of his four year term or the internationally recognised terror outfit, Hamas who control Gaza.

The just thing to do? Only at the right time and that time most definitely is not now.