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Not that its likely to happen, but any suggestion of a proposed inquiry into nuclear power would just be a way of fobbing it off, stalling for time and kicking the can down the road to avoid confronting and dealing with the here and now energy crisis reality.

The jury over many decades has returned its verdict with nuclear operating flawlessly in Europe the U.K. and the US for sixty years with 450 nuclear power facilities worldwide and 60 or so under construction.

The US has 99, France 58, Sweden 10 and even Switzerland has 5 nuclear facilities for example.

For decades nuclear energy in Australia has been used as a means of scary, boogie man, political product differentiation to the nations detriment and even before Chernobyl and Fukushima the Green left was anti nuclear because of WW2 and Hiroshima and prosecuted their case against a backdrop of death and war.

In those countries that have nuclear power and using that same 60 year time frame, how many people, comparatively, have been killed or suffered horrendous injuries by motor vehicles not to mention the health problems associated with exhaust pollution?

Using the same hard wired, Green left, visceral, knee jerk emotional measure to nuclear, there should be a review of cars with consideration of an immediate ban. The ultimate irony in this Green hypocrisy is that reliable base load power doesn’t get any greener than nuclear.

Apart from that, because of our geological and political stability and our vast, remote areas, at a million dollars a tonne,  Australia could pretty much fund the national debt by becoming a repository for the worlds nuclear waste.