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I have to admit, It’s not like me, but reading about drug mule Cassie Sainsbury this morning and then turning the page and reading about one of the alleged end users of hers and similar enterprises, Sharks chairman and former Sydney Kings great Damian Keogh, and other well heeled, high profile, sporting, corporate and political operators on big bucks plus extra’s, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.
As the mule, she’ll get probably a 10, 20 year stretch in a Colombian hell hole and as an alleged, end user/consumer, of similar enterprises, Keogh and Shaun Kenny-Dowell and a couple of others caught out in the last 48 hours will probably get the usual slap on the wrist, maybe a fine and/or a suspension and then get to resume their corporate and sporting lives and pursue other abundant opportunities.
Yes, she’s been stupid but she was playing her role in the chain and servicing their need.
They should know better and perhaps they should be forced to donate to her legal costs and visit her in prison.