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Have the Stemetil on standby to mitigate against projectile vomiting. You’ll need it before during and after reading this toxic spray.

It simply confirms why Americans voted the way they did and against the thinking of the likes of Aaron Sorkin. He doesn’t understand that it is the likes of him and his ilk in their bubble that are the problem. It is exactly the lines of him that middle America voted and revolted against.
Even leftist Michael Moore saw this coming. He gets it.

Although Trump has won the Presidential election, this kind of unhinged blubbering and emoting untethered as it is from the day to day real world of the average person confirms that the wooly thinking of the whiney, moaning left is a clear and present danger that didn’t just fade away in the early 90’s with the fall of communism.

We don’t know how Trump will work out but it must be remembered that it was the elite political, Wall Street and media class that actually tilled the soil and prepared the ground for Trump. If he is indeed a Frankenstein monster then he is THEIR Frankenstein monster.

With the repudiation of Clinton, with all her criminal baggage America dodged a bullet. Read the Letter Aaron Sorkin Wrote His Daughter After Donald Trump Was Elected President