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Hard to disagree. Has the Liberal Party in its present form been so hollowed out and aimless that it’s reached it use by date? It’s meandering all, over the road, no particular direction and doesn’t seem to know who or what it is or what it stands for. Even the basics like free speech. Ask David Flint or Ross Cameron, kicked out of the party for having an opinion or in Flint’s case speaking to the wrong people. Me.
The Liberal Party doesn’t seem to have a purpose except to mimic the Labor Party, so what’s the point of it?
“…..The “lazy” and “self-indulgent” Liberal Party is facing an existential crisis after a horror week that exposed deep wounds from which it may never recover, the head of the influential Institute of Public Affairs think tank has warned.
John Roskam, who on Tuesday hosted Tony Abbott for a speech in which he directly challenged Malcolm Turnbull’s policy agenda, on Friday blasted both men for failing to deliver philosophical direction to the party, and took aim at “so-called conservatives” Peter Dutton and Mathias Cormann.
“When the Liberal Party raises taxes, increases government spending, imposes extra regulations and red tape and does not stand up on key cultural questions – you must ask the question: is the Liberal Party as we’ve known it since the 1940s exhausted?”
Time would tell if the party would survive, he said, but it “has had too big a monopoly on centre-right thinking in Australia for too long” and “at times it has been lazy and self-indulgent…” John Roskam blasts ‘lazy, self-indulgent’ Liberal Party facing ‘existential crisis’