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The Liberals didn’t so much as win the election as they didn’t so much as quite lose, with a razor edge majority of just 1 , 2, or even 3 seats up against, not just Labor but their blood brothers in the unions combined with the left wing ginger group Getup, of which Bill Shorten was a founding board member.

Together, these three entities have fine tuned and perfected the art of the big lie and late night robocalls  pretending to be Liberals, ticking off voters and therefore changing the landscape of political campaigning in Australia permanently and because it worked, there is absolutely no way the Liberals will win an election with a Bill Leak inspired caricature type Malcolm Turnbull fighting Marquis of Queensbury rules, as leader.

The framing and prosecution of Labor hero Shorten, as being an associate, recipient and participant of union corruption as exposed at the Royal Commission and his links to GetUp starts today and what’s needed is a scrappy, snarling, eye gouging and groin kneeing junkyard dog who’ll go for the soft, exposed underbelly and will fight like the Libs are cornered and there lives and the future of the nation depended on it, because they are and it does.

They are out of options and although it might be considered an excrement sandwich, if they are serious, they are simply going to have to slot Abbott back in the top job or prepare for opposition.

That’s the cold hard reality as viewed from outside the political and journalistic bubble of Canberra.