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An American friend of mine message me ealier this week and asked me a very simple question.

He asked, “Did you ever think that you would be alive to see the fall of the once mighty giant called The United States of America”?

My respnse was, No.

I say this to friends and family and they’re still not interested in politics or history.

I say to them, “you can’t be serious” and stress that only several times in history outside of war has there been such a monumental collapse.

And at warp speed.

Rome, Greece, and France and we are now witnessing the same phenomena with the once, unassailable US.

The blithe, casual indifference and “meh” disinterest and ignorance  is appalling and disgraceful.

It tells me a lot about the dopey priorities of people.

Even the actual logo of the Fabian Society, the wolf in sheep’s clothing fails to convince them of the intentions of the left.

It’s like Ernest Hemingway said about going bankrupt: It happens in two ways, Gradually at first, then suddenly.”

 In other words, America has been a boiling frog for the last 50 years.

Its been a slow build to the crescendo we’re witnessing at this moment in history. The left, having sensed the moment, have seized the high ground, manned the ramparts and are pouring boiling oil down on anyone that looks like a threat.

They see the current mood and zeitgeist as their opportunity to euthanise the entire republic. And all in less than one political cycle. The Trump courts cases in multiple jurisdiction are a simple metaphor for the boiling oil

This is the end result of kicking the can down the road and allowing for the abuse of the freedom of speech. The firtst ammendment should have come with a caveat but it doesn’t because Freedom of speech, presupposes that people will be reasonable and sober in their speech.

America’s demse is also the end result of dumbing down to the point where truth is no longer objective but subjective and relative and to the extreme that the orthodox belief amongst the left, is that that a man can become a woman but then when asked, can’t say what a woman is. A society where looting and burning are seen as retail reparations

These people are the same ones who have allowed Modern Monetary Theory for example to becopme mainstream with the ridiculous and absurd belief that you can print money and spend with no consequences. That they can somehow defy the laws of economic gravity

Such a decadent and Nero like society and culture that trashes norms and the laws of the universe simply doesn’t deserve to survive.

A nation with no borders ceases to be a nation. It’s that simple.

And all of this has been brought on by people not paying attention. They have no one to blame but themselves.

They talk and bluster and bloviate. Many see themselves as entitled, enlightened  and worthy. But rather than enlightened they’re dumb and stupid and still can’t see or understand or see the link between their choices and voting patterns that have brought about their own demise.

Love him or hate him, only Trump can steer the country away from the rocks but they’re running out of time.

As the Democrats are now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marxist left, a vote for anyone from that side will just bring more of the same and hasten the process.

Australia had better beware because we’re on a similar path. You get what you vote for.