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The push for constitutional change is just another indigenous make work scheme that won’t work. The proponents know it and the rest of Australia are wise to it as well.

It is designed to be a never ending, rolling national guilt trip, a contrivance, to cement permanently in place a much broader agenda, that once embedded in the constitution, can’t be derailed or dismantled.

They are relying on the forces of political correctness and Australians innate sense of common decency as evidenced in 1967 to get it over the line. But this is not a 1967 type proposition.
This is about dividing Australia by race and cannot be allowed to succeed.

We’ve been here before with ATSIC and programs like Closing the Gap and the campaign this time, tens of billions of dollars later, by the indigenous industry and fellow travellers in academia, the Greens and the left, to enshrine recognition in the constitution is just another slippery attempt to resurrect a prestigious, multi billion dollar make work scheme for the benefit of a select few educated, Aboriginal Lear Jet elites, many themselves of mixed heritage to allow them to wisely pontificate and advise the government like some enlightened indigenous priesthood from their parliamentary advisory council, on legislation.

As with previous attempts at bureaucratically and remotely righting previous wrongs, (both real and imagined) from Canberra, those living in regional and remote areas will derive absolutely no benefit whatsoever.

The mere fact that it would be embedded in the Australian constitution in perpetuity, means that even at some point in the future, after all grievances are sorted, the Aboriginal parliament advising the Australian parliament would still have a place in our national life with a confecteted and conjured indigenous angle overlayed and impacting on all policy deliberations and legislative decisions. 

The entire exercise reminds me of the Palestinian issue that’s been dragging on for 70 years. It won’t be solved as long as there are people who really don’t want it solved and keep moving the goal posts as it would see them losing their raisin d’être.

The cause, the rolling national guilt trip, must be kept in play at all costs.