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Well, whowouldathunkit!!  It is quite apparent that as a well credentialed, self described political strategist, Skye Laris ticks all the politically correct boxes of the Labor/Green left and we shouldn’t be at all surprised at her natural progression and career trajectory as a former ABC, GetUp, Climate Institute, and Labor Party operative, that she has now been able to be embed herself as an executive member, presumably driving policy, inside one of Australia’s largest energy outfits that derives much of its profits from coal fired electricity generation.
It begs the question as to what strategies and whose interests she is pursuing and serving? Her own or the shareholders?
Unfortunately, from here on in, anything and everything AGL says and does, with respect to energy policy, including their hipster television commercial, will now be viewed sceptically  and through the prism of Skye Laris, with a high index and degree of suspicion.
“….A senior manager in charge of promoting the energy policy of Australia’s largest electricity producer previously worked for activist group GetUp!, which is committed to shutting down the coal-fired power industry.
Self-described political strategist Skye Laris is an executive member of AGL Energy managing director Andy Vesey’s team as he sticks with the company’s plan to shut down the Liddell power station in the NSW Hunter Valley, despite protests the planned closure threatens energy supplies.
Ms Laris, who joined AGL in February as senior manager, digital engagement, is now a senior manager, public advocacy for the company. She is a former campaign director for GetUp! and has worked in a series of senior ALP jobs, including leading the party’s digital campaign for the 2013 federal election campaign and during Bill Shorten’s first few years in the Labor leadership.
Immediately before joining GetUp! in March 2011, she was chief of staff and policy adviser to Labor frontbencher Tony Burke, who is also her partner…” READ ON