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This small man with an equally small mind, Alan Joyce, is not only misusing his public capacity to prosecute his personal politics but now because of a personal dispute and disagreement he is using the corporate clout of Qantas to restrict the freedom of movement of someone by banning him from Qantas and all other Qantas associated airlines.
In Australia it is the courts who determine guilt, innocence and penalties and this doesn’t go to court until next month.
Someone should remind Joyce that he is just an employee and that he does not own the airline.
What are the options available to other of Mr Joyce’s fellow employees, shareholders and travelling public that also disagree with him using his corporate capacity to prosecute his personal predilections?
With the levy on banks revealed in the budget the argument, correctly, is that if it’s a levy on banks today, which corporate entity will it be tomorrow. Equally if it’s the politics of gay marriage today what issue will the corporate world seek to associate themselves with and prosecute tomorrow.
Apart from Virgin, this action severely restricts and effectively grounds Overheu from flying on a major route in Australia and because of the restricted and privileged aviation market I would be very surprised if there is not human rights angle in here somewhere and if Qantas can actually enforce such a ban.
Bottom line is that it was the preening, corporate narcissist in chief, Alan Joyce who ventured out from behind his desk into the world of politics and social engineering and should have been aware of the treacherous waters he was venturing into. Alan Joyce pie man Tony Overheu banned from Qantas for life