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The speech by Malcolm Turnbull in London is the final eulogy of the Liberal Party.

Turnbull has finally decided to come out of the closet for the full reveal with his latest slick and tricky attempt to redefine, rebrand, rebadge and reposition the Libs as “centrist.”

It is a move inspired by the NSW Liberals playbook who market themselves as “moderates” to disguise their leftist proclivities. Or if you like an attempt to go the full, opportunistic Macron in reverse, taking the final plunge to the left from the right.

Turnbull’s speech neatly bookends Christopher Pynes speech full on braggadocio at the Cherry Bar only a couple of weeks ago.
There’s no other way to characterise this other than a non to subtle final chess move in the theft of the Liberal Party from its base by the Fabians.
It’s no coincidence that the crest of the Fabians is an equally non to subtle, wolf in sheeps clothing.

The Liberal Party is in a death spiral as it surrenders its soul in trying to out Labor, Labor and voters are indicating that they would rather vote for a real, full strength Labor Party than a pale, insipid and uninspiring Labor wannabe. With an equally pale, insipid and uninspiring leader.

It seems that there’s nothing left for Tony Abbott, George Christenson and others to do, other than throw their lot in with Bernardi and let the Liberal Party collapse in on itself under the weight of its own mendacity and stupidity.