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Watching and listening to the teachers education union hacks and flunkies on the news and idiotic parents who should know better singing the usual song of “what we need is more money for education” got me thinking.

These union foot soldiers and parents are at the same time acutely aware but would never admit as much, that never before in Australia’s history has more money been thrown at education and never have the results on any and all measures been so bad. Behind pretty much the rest of the world, it has become quite apparent that money is not the answer.

It used to be, so the activist experts told us that smaller class sizes and one on one teaching would be the answer. Then the activist experts told us that it was the curriculum that needed fixing and set about replacing the likes of phonics with whole word.

Here’s an example of how the dumbing down has relentlessly continued.

In the 1995 Australian students were ranked 11th in Year 4 maths, 5th in Year 4 science and 8th in Year 8 science. By 2015 we’d dropped to 22nd in Year 4 maths, 18th in Year 4 science and 15th in Year 8 science.

Here’s a clue as to what’s really going on AND why

Remember the former Premier of Victoria Joan Kirner? Well, before she was Premier she was the Victorian education Minister and in a talk to the Fabian Society, Kirner argued that,

“..the education system had to be radically reshaped so that it was “part of the socialist struggle for equality, participation and social change rather than an instrument of the capitalist system..”

You want more evidence?

Try this cut and paste from the ABC web site in 2008 —

“A major task for Leftist activist academics is to connect education with community struggles for social justice,” says Dr Gregory Martin. Martin was a lecturer in the School of Education and Professional Studies at Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus. Martin was also a member of the militant National Teachers Education Union and the Gold Coast branch of the radical Marxist group, Socialist Alliance sees education as a channel for conducting a Marxist revolution.

Perhaps now we can see with the Andrews government and the Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships programs that the March Through The Institution of education is going exactly to plan.
So next time you hear bleating about money with no reference to the curriculum you’ll have a better understanding as to what’s REALLY going on