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Longfellow wrote that “those that the gods would destroy they first make mad.”
Which brings me to Mia Freedman and Kerryn Phelps and the millions of others on the left who are of the mindset that simply believing and wishing very hard for an outcome is enough to guarantee its manifestation and make it happen.

It’s the same dreamy, self deluding mindset of people who believe in and knowingly act upon the wild promises of dodgy financial investment advisors and Ponzie scheme operators.

When it all goes bad as unrealistic expectations inevitably do these gullible naifs enter into the various stages of grief: Shock, denial, hostility, rage, anger, frustration, guilt and depression (and hopefully, eventually, acceptance) whilst lashing out at everyone and everything else for having believed in the false prophets, the phonys and the frauds like Marx, Gramsci and Alinsky.
It wasn’t meant to be this way.

After many decades of successful white anting and undermining they had almost carried the West across the threshold to their socialist utopia, to their vision of sunny uplands and a rustic social and cultural utopian idyll, but it was not to be.
The misty eyed and misguided had invested their very soul in a Dusty Springfield childlike world where it’s all about wishin’ & hopin’ & plannin’ & dreamin’ whilst being scammed and conned of their virtue.
Taken in and taken down by the Gods of reality.