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Random Note #194,631

This is an extract of a few paragraphs from the Brendon O’neill column in this weeks Spectator where he magnificently mauls and savages and exposes the perpetually outraged and the politically correct. Interestingly, only yesterday I was listening to an interview from many years ago with the former Israeli PM Gold Meir where she, way back then, pre what we now understand as PC, identified the same problem and tactics with the Arab world and the left concerning the Palestinians. The tactic being one of keep their dilemma in play so they will forever be seen by others and more importantly seen by themselves, as victims.
That’s the same modus operandi being played out by the left and the Greens and the politically correct with respect to indigenous people in Australia whereby every effort to alleviate their problems is characterised as patronising or neo-colonial. Even as writing this I can hear the voice of Tanya Plibersek saying exactly that without putting forward any alternative ideas.
In a nutshell the m.o. is to keep them down as a constant reminder and a source of national shame and embarrassment.

Brendan O’Neill, Leakphobia..

“….Leak isn’t attacking indigenous dads; he’s attacking the cult of relativism that celebrates the depravities of indigenous community life as cultural diversity and then sometimes wonders, ‘Why won’t they behave in a more civilised way?’.
That’s why his cartoon has so incensed the PC lobby: because it’s a swipe at them, and they know it. It shines a light on the tyranny of low expectations that many white, guilt-ridden progressives have of indigenous communities.
That’s another nasty aspect of PC: it is designed precisely to suppress debate, to obscure reality itself. It’s a creed more offended by an image of the difficult lives some people lead than by the lives themselves. It’s profoundly uncaring, crushing depictions of the tensions in society, and in the process leaving such tensions untouched, undiscussed, and unresolved.
Standing up for Leak is the duty of every Aussie who believes in freedom. He’s falling victim to a pincer movement, dogmatic Islamists attacking him from one side, PC ponces from the other. His persecution speaks to a new mood of militant intolerance in the West, where pseudo-progressives and medieval-minded Islamists are effectively in cahoots to crush any questioning of their articles of faith. Screw that. Bill, I’ve got your back…”