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Random Note #194,631

Been following the latest email revelations on Hillary Clinton. There now can’t be any doubt that the woman is totally corrupt and you start to get a handle on why she wanted to operate her own private email server.

It’s unbelievable how she actually ran a “pay to play” scheme with other nations when she was Secretary of State with humungous kickbacks going to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary played favourites with a huge number of Clinto Foundation Donors
It was nothing short of a very sophisticated money laundering operation, operating in plain sight with all the authority of her position and that of The State Department AND the media says nothing or plays it down (nothing to see here, move along) but plays up Trump’s comments about Obama creating ISIS.

The thing is in this is that Trump is correct. Obama was warned what would happen if he pulled out of Iraq precipitously and it did. So he created the vacuum for ISIS to fill.

This is no state secret. Anyone paying attention to world events knows exactly how ISIS came into being. And again in Syria, Obama didn’t act on his rhetoric when it came to his own “red lines” as he called them and again ISIS filled the vacuum because of his big talk and his inaction. They knew he was weak and they had his number. Again, he created the circumstances and the vacuum for ISIS to come into being.

To put it another way, ask the question, who created Donald Trump?
The answer as we’ve seen with Brexit and even here in Australia in the election is the same.
The major parties created a vacuum when they deserted their base so people were forced to seek out alternatives. In the US it was Donald Trump. When the vacuum was created by Obama in Syria and Iraq the laws of nature (nature abhors a vacuum) simply came into play and others moved to centre stage.

It’s not at all complicated.