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Sorting through some old DVD’s on the weekend I came across half a dozen copies in original unopened packaging of the documentary, Agenda: Grinding America Down (The West)  that I had for on air giveaway but never got around to it from 2010. The good news is that it’s available YouTube
For many years I’ve been of the view that just because the Berlin Wall came down in the late 80’s early 90’s didn’t mean that communism was dead. It never really went away, still has a pulse and is very much alive and will use whatever means including the Gramsci and Frankfurt School (both mentioned and discussed in the first 30 minutes as is Saul Alinsky) tactic of infesting all the educational, social and cultural institutions of the West to undermine and destroy from within and further their agenda.
In short Marxism today is not about violent revolution but quiet, incremental, evolution.
It will be rammed home to you in no uncertain terms why the left in America is apoplectic and radiating rage because Donald Trump won the election. The left came so close to the permanent change they’ve been working toward for many decades. Trumps win wasn’t meant to happen. It has at worst derailed their agenda or at best delayed their agenda for several years.
When you watch ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter on the streets of America today, they are the living breathing example of Saul Alinsky’s “community organising”. They are the personification of the pent up rage and hostility.
The 1966 husband and wife team, Cloward & Piven and their strategy also gets a mention. We have that here in Australia in a sense. Essentially the idea is to overload the system and pack as many people on to welfare as possible. The stand out example that we have is that almost 50% of workers in Australia pay no net tax. That is, what they receive in benefits exceeds what they pay in tax.
Although it gets a bit cheesy and religious for about 10 minutes at the 50 minute mark +/- and towards the end, stick with it. It’s worth watching and circulating to all your contacts and friends as everything that’s going on right now as you will see, was planned and all laid out years ago. All your suspicions will be confirmed. Names, dates, places and personalities.
The use of the environment to wreck the economy (think, electricity prices) the destruction of marriage and the family and the deployment of thousands of non thinking, uninformed, useful idiots. The current debate on gay marriage (40 minute mark to change the meaning and definition of marriage) is relevant and in that context and viewed through that prism, the agenda is quite clear, unequivocal and unambiguous.
Bearing in mind that this video was released 7 years ago in 2010, its interesting to see the predictions then (at the 1 hour 7 minute mark) as to the intentions to drive up energy costs so as to wreck business and the economy.
Some of the goals enumerated at the 12 minute mark I have a problem with, however it’s the overall thrust of what is trying to be achieved that’s the main point.