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Time for some basic history and home truths in 5 minutes for the protesting useful idiots in Sydney last night, the BDS crowd and deferential, muslim, vote harvesting Labor luminaries Hawke and Carr and the rest of the Labor rabble.
With this subject being in the news over the last week with Labor policy on the block and PM Netanyahu visiting it’s worth running again.
As I pointed out in another post earlier this week, what most people don’t understand is that the “Palestinians” are a recently confected people (1964). They are simply garden variety Arabs who have been manipulated and used for the greater Arab/Muslim cause. The wealthy, oil rich Arab states Saudi Arabia, and up until recently, Iraq and Syria simply couldn’t careless about their situation and have been prepared to let them swing in the breeze for last 70 years or so for the want of some Muslim victims.
And the land of “Palestine” itself was cleverly conjured by the Roman Emperor, Hadrian for his own political purposes against the Jews of the time which he rounded up and sent into exile…