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Would the 217 of the 226 politicians in Canberra who voted for the $126 million, security fence around the peoples house, please loudly identify what’s changed in recent times to warrant the installation of the 2.6 metre monstrosity? Would they name and specify what the fear is exactly, its origins and what government policy caused it?

Only The Greens and Derryn Hinch voted against it.

Also noted is that they are on record on more than  one occasion saying words to the effect that “we should go about our day and shouldn’t let the threat of terror change our way of life.” Of course not. Again, more meaningless and hollow rhetoric.

The security fence stands as a metaphor for the disconnect between the political class and the people they are supposed represent as it totally erodes the underlying concept of the original design as envisaged as the people’s place where you could literally walk up and over top of the politicians below.

Its a fence designed to protect the insiders (literally) from the outsiders.

As an after thought, It will be interesting and of course grossly hypocritical in the extreme to ever hear an Australian politician, particularly the pc purse lipped Trump haters, scoff, comment or criticise Donald Trump’s wall/fence on the Mexican border either on principle or cost.