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Talking to a fairly plugged in political friend of mine about where Australia is today and again I found myself thinking out loud and wondering how we got here and how there doesn’t seem to be anyone prepared to take control and lead.
Whether it be debt, electricity, the NBN, the NDIS, or whatever, when talking about energy and the prospect of building a coal fired power station or rather NOT, I have immense difficulty believing that we are even having such conversation.
The entire thing is just so insane and absurd.
How can it be that coal has been able to be politicised and demonised to such an extent that our “leaders” won’t even go there? And people who even suggest such an outrageous idea are also demonised on the way through.
It’s as if the nation, which only 10 years ago was flying high, is now in a dive and despite appeals from the passengers who can see there lives flashing before their eyes and are appealing for the captain to pull back on the stick.
He is quite prepared to keep his hands free and let gravity do the rest.
In fact you don’t even have to imagine such a scenario.
The best real life analogy I can think of to describe Australia today and it’s leadership is a comparison to the missing Malaysian flight MH370. We suspect it’s been hijacked by a rogue pilot/captain (Turnbull) on an ideological jihad and about to be crashed somewhere in to the depths of the Indian Ocean.