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The multiple choice , tick a box citizenship test is not so much a citizenship test but a memory test. It’s what’s in their hearts that matters NOT what’s in their heads that should matter. A bit like Turnbull himself. Is his heart in this?

While making the test for citizenship harder we should be making the stripping of citizenship easier.

 As for Malcolm Turnbull’s platitudes about Australian values, what I’m interested in are the incompatible and un-Australian values. If the Prime Minister is serious  about a code of behaviour and values he should walk the walk and start by banning Hizb ut Tahrir and similar groups and individuals like Sheik Shady and deporting the social and cultural misfits that make up their leadership.

Parents and preachers found guilty of arranging or marrying off or conducting marriage ceremonies for child brides or female genital mutilation should be stripped of their citizenship and deported. Ditto for those seeking to fight for IS or promulgate their toxic jihadist ideas in suburban Sydney. And as the commonwealth is funding the Royal Commission on child sexual abuse, it should compelled it to look at Islam in the child sexual abuse context (forced child marriages and FGM) or explain to the community why they haven’t.