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Random Note #203,741

With the latest Newspoll on Monday its quite apparent that the Liberals desperately need a new leader but there’s no point putting up another Malcolm Turnbull like, beige or a vanilla politician from central casting such as Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton or Christian Porter as worthy and as experienced as they maybe.

Desperate times require desperate measures and apart from time serving experience, what’s required is a Clockwork Orange style, cage fighting head kicker with the proven ability and a willingness to get down and dirty and slug it out. A politician who combines the qualities and characteristics of a battle scarred back alley street fighter, and a mangy, mongrel attack dog with a record of dragging the party over the line and winning in a landslide.

There’s only one politician on the conservative side in Australia that fits that description and they could dragoon him back into harness by the end of the week if they were of mind to do so.

Unfortunately though, they seem as transfixed as the proverbial rabbit in the head lights and similarly resigned to their destiny as political road kill at the next election.