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It’s become quite apparent why the far left, Marxist activists of the gay marriage lobby wanted to have a free vote in parliament rather than a vote of the people, by the people, in the quietness and privacy of the polling booth.

With their now, thug ugly, Brown Shirt, jackbooted, Christian Kristallnact bullying tactics and intimidation out in the open in recent weeks over the likes of Coopers, IBM, Macquarie University etc, they obviously believed that it would have been much easier to bludgeon, bully and intimidate into submission and control the play of a majority of 150 pusillanimous, milk toast politicians who stand for bugger all rather than the silent majority of Australians.

They knew all along as did most people that their 70/80% support was total and absolute bloviating and bluster. And if they truly believed it, we could have had the plebiscite a month or so ago as planned and promised and they could have now been enjoying gay marriage.

But as the architect of Safe Schools, Marxist Roz Ward is on record as saying, gay marriage will “..further weaken the Judeo-Christian foundations and traditions of our society..” (link below)
Which is exactly what it’s designed to do. It’s the continuing march through yet another institution.

As I’ve been saying for years on this, that has always been the underlying agenda. The entire “equality” argument has been a ruse, a Trojan Horse and unfortunately a lot of well meaning people, both straights and gay tumbled for it. I can understand that, after all who could possibly argue with equality. If only thats what it was all about.