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The collusion and cartel like behaviour of the Liberal government and Labor opposition on the citizenship issue sucks the oxygen out of the room and if this were Woolies and Coles the ACCC would be all over them.

It is quite apparent that a number of politicians from both sides are ineligible to be sitting in our parliament but refuse to show and tell or out themselves and continue to tough it out and drag their feet in defiance and direct contravention of the laws that govern their behaviour, the constitution. Both the government and opposition are running interference for each other in this mutually beneficial protection racket.

When it is suggested by the Greens and others that the GG find a way through and red card the entire parliament via his powers to prorogue, embedded in section five of the constitution, the Liberals Paul Fletcher and Labor’s Anthony Albanese double down on their collusion and criminal conspiracy basically telling the ref to stay out of it. Trying to conflate these recent events involving basic box ticking, due diligence and the signing of a stat deck when nominating to run, with the events of 1975, is disingenuous.

This rolling citizenship outrage goes to the very heart of whether or not the Parliament is properly constituted and that the GG is confident that the laws to which he is required to give royal ascent are legal and in accordance with the constitution. With their political chess and point scoring and the vandalising of our constitution is it any wonder that Australian Conservatives and One Nation are on a Trump like roll. Time for a new leader and an immediate election.There’s a swamp to be drained.