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Just catching up with Outsiders from this morning and the guest Outsider is Senator David Leyonhjelm. He was re-telling of his run in with Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Young last week whereby in all the hub bub over a motion on women being allowed to protect themselves with non lethal means, SHY made the remark or alluded that “all men are rapists”. Leyonhjelm shot back with, “well stop shagging men”

The more important point of my post is this.

The motion concerned allowing women to carry non life threatening or lethal means of self defence like a taser or mace or similar. (these are outlawed in Australia for personal use) I would have thought that such a motion allowing women this means of self defence would be a no brainer. But not so apparently. Only 5 senators (all men) voted in favour of the motion.

The philosophy being that ALL men are the problem and therefore ALL must be changed. This goes to the very essence of the quality of the political class and points to the extent to which they have been exposed to the cocoon of white cars, free air travel and the generally, rarefied utopian atmosphere inside the politically correct Canberra bubble.

Through their twisted logic, how many women in the future have they condemned to opportunistic attack. Let’s try their logic in the lions enclosure at Taronga Zoo.
Would they enter the enclosure without a means of self defence? Didn’t think so.

Rather than accept the fact that some men are just as much animals as those lions in the enclosure, they are prepared, because of their boneheaded intransigence, to expose others to a similar fate as Jill Meagher or Eurydice Dixon.

Whether they like it or not, it is a jungle out there particularly after dark, walking through a park on your own. In some cases even for men, being hunted down and attacked by gangs