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This interview with Mike Benz is much better than the one last week with Tucker Carlson. Where as with Tucker it was pretty much totally uninterrupted without  too many questions and so it was like an avalanche or a torrent of words and information with no time to digest, absorb, think and take it all in. This one is much better paced.

The interpretation they’re now placing on democracy and what it is and how elections are harmful to democracy (I’m not making it up) is truly dark, sinister and evil.

Just as the ABC thinks of the entity as THEIR ABC, this is the same. Democracy is the domain of the institutions and the elites. It is THEIR democracy and the people are just an inconvenience and in the way so the concept has to be and is being redefined, rebadged and rebranded.

Governments are installed at the consent of the governed but that’s not how the elites see it at all. With the phenomenon of social media and the gatekeepers of traditional media being side-lined, unwanted opinions, ideas and angles and  being ventilated and given oxygen and new political movements are are coalescing.

For the elites and associated institutions this simply can be allowed to continue.

Now that America and Americans are on to what’s going on and how they have been manipulated by the msm for decades, it’s worth taking note in the last couple of minutes at the 24 minute mark, of how “the blob” as it’s referred to is now trying to skirt around American law by outsourcing their dirty work to the EU using the EU Digital Services act to force Elon Musk to censor in Europe and therefore that censorship will apply to X globally.