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Never let a crisis go to waste is the guiding principle of the left but even by that twisted and warped standard it is still monstrous in the extreme to listen to left-wing media talking heads with their faux, sombre talking points and even the President himself, attempt to politicise recent mass shootings in Buffalo last week and yet another school shooting yesterday in Texas with the deaths of nineteen children.

Totally blind to their own double standards, at the very same time, there are violent protests by women for their right to abort babies right up to the moment of birth and even post partum.

In addition there are shooting rampages on an even worse scale in Democrat run cities like Chicago every single weekend including the deaths of innocent passersby but the left remains silent because it is politically inconvenient and too complicated to point it out.

Add to this witches brew, the deliberate open border policy of the Biden administration spawning a market for Mexican cartels to traffic children into America for prostitution along with the unfettered flow of tons of cheap, synthetic, Chinese manufactured opioids like heroin and particularly fentanyl killing eighty thousand Americans in 2021 alone and it’s quite apparent that while the left never lets a crisis go to waste, they have no problem allowing the lives of thousands of American citizens to go to waste.