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This ANZAC art reminds me of the metaphor, ‘Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants’, the 12th century expression made popular by Isaac Newton a few centuries later.

I don’t know what this is called officially but, On The Shoulders Of Soldiers would suffice because that’s what we see.

That is what the nation is built upon.

It captures the essence of not just Gallipoli, but the sacrifice of all wars down through the ages and the subsequent bequest by way of the inter-generational inheritance and opportunity depicted by the young couple dreaming their dreams of their future together, juxtaposed against the mud, the blood, the grind, the graft and the drudgery of war and the propinquity of men in the trenches that allows for those dreams to be entertained and realised generations later.

Lest we forget. Anzac Day 1915-2020