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There’s been a lot written and said over the last 48 hours over the revelations by ASIO about the potential threats by extremists detected in Australia.


Special mention has been made of potential Muslim and right wing extremist terrorist groups and individuals who seek to bring about violent political, social and cultural change, so it’s good to know that ASIO is on the case and the government is being kept informed.


But what about the other, non violent, not so overt but rather dark, sinister and insidious forces of the extreme left, operating in the shadows as they quietly going about their work applying the Antonio Gramsci, Marxist philosophy of a quiet evolution as opposed to a violent revolution?


Over many decades they have burrowed in and have been going about their work infecting the national bloodstream deep inside the bureaucracy, universities, primary and secondary education systems and the national broadcaster as they discretely dismantle the Australian project one brick at a time by undermining our values and traditions while gnawing at the fabric of our political, social and cultural life


These too are an equal threat to our national life and the government should be giving them the same degree of scrutiny, attention and action by ratting them out just as ASIO does to the more violent groups.


After all, their objectives are the same.