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Joe Biden was right. Democracy is under attack? The American way of life is under attack? Freedom  is under attack? The constitution is being undermined.


All of that is true.


But it’s not being undermined or under attack by MAGA or Republicans, it is all the insidious work of Biden and his totally corrupt cronies.


To sum up the Biden speech, it was 100% gas lighting and Democrat psychological projection and everyone one knows it. That’s it.


The shouty presentation and the Leni Riefenstahl optics were straight out of Nuremberg. The meme makers have been having a field day


The root cause of the Democrat hysteria and Biden’s unhinged, old man shouting at the sky routine is that they know that the days of the red team, blue team, your turn, our turn, reach across the aisle, watch each other’s backs of the Democrats and RINO Republicans is coming to and end.


The people are on to them and Biden’s “get off my lawn” primal scream and toys out of the cot, baby food from the high chair on to the floor tantrum, was not so much a speech as it was what psychologists call, an extinction burst.


We’ve all seen it. Probably even done it ourselves.


The Democrats put their money into the slot (ie-stole 2020) but the poker machine of polling, eight weeks from the midterms isn’t paying out, so he’s kicking and thumping the machine before being escorted from the casino.


The fear now is that just as the water of Hoover Dam is evaporating exposing all manner of old rusted get away cars, dead trees, old tyres, dead animal carcasses and probably some dead humans, so too are the waters of the DC swamp slowly evaporating and being drained and exposing all its dirty secrets and it ways, means and methods of operating.


What they’re now fearful of is that the new breed of energised MAGA Republicans like Jim Jordan and MTG et al will be taking over the various committees, launching investigations into everything and exposing the weeping, festering bedsores at the heart of everything from Russian collusion to January 6 and maybe at last, even the Kennedy assassination. Americans will finally see how for decades, they’ve been conned, duped and scammed


There’ll be  no more stalling or running down the clock and no more ignoring directives and slow walking by the DOJ or the FBI and other agencies. It’s all about the  committees and the control of the committees.


We hear a lot about existential threats these days and that is what this is all about. The very existence of the Democrats is on the block.


It’s not so much a threat to democracy or a threat to the republic or the constitution they’re worried about, as the very real threat to the Democrat party and the swamp.