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I’m not sure whether it’s out of 1984 or Alice in Wonderland but in our wacky hall of mirrors world where nothing seems to make sense anymore, there is something seriously bent, twisted, topsy turvy and Orwellian in the idea of sending the bill for police attending to riotous and violent behavior instigated by the feral left, to the actual victims and targets of the rioters. This is disturbing to say the least.

The targets of their scorn were doing nothing other than going about their day and exercising their right to freedom of assembly and free speech.

This disturbing development of billing the victim can only by construed as the hammer and anvil of the deep state in an endeavour to stifle and muzzle conservative free speech. I’m hard pressed to think of a single example where it would be your garden variety conservatives on a violent rampage against a speaker or gathering of the left.

When the CFMEU or any other union stage one of their riotous demos on a public street or square are they also sent an invoice to cover the cost of the police deployment?

Even if they are that still doesn’t explain why a promoter of a private event inside a private venue should have to shoulder the burden of something for which they are simply not responsible outside the venue and up the street.

Or is it that the promoter of the event is the low hanging fruit, the easy target as their address and phone number would be on file as opposed to the hit and run, fly in, fly out rabble and agitators?

We expect promoters to pay for security inside their venue and within the precinct, that’s a given. However, with the Yiannopoulos promoters being hit with a $50,000 bill for disturbances on the street outside, created by gatecrashers, vandals, social misfits and sundry troublemakers out to intimidate attendees and create maximum mayhem, bedlam and havoc just because they disagree with the speaker inside, will no doubt have the desired chilling effect of curtailing any such similar gatherings of conservatives in the future exercising their right to free speech and assembly.