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With their policy of putting the sugar back on the table, turbo charging and firing up the people smugglers and re-starting the boats and accepting all comers who make land fall and the shutting down of off shore detention centres, the ACTU is exhibiting all the hallmarks of the French Bourbons. They have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing and will pay a similar price. It may come as a somewhat absurd proposition to suggest that even the left wing, ACTU and elements of the ALP have been well and truly marched through and taken hostage by the even more extreme far left Marxists. Shorten Pressured to End Boat Turn Backs
Contrast and compare.The quality of sensible ACTU leadership, then and now.  Bob Hawke, Simon Crean, Martin Ferguson and the current gaggle of hard left social justice warriors and Marxists heading the ACTU, like secretary Sally McManus and newly elected president, Michele O’Neil.
The same phenomenon of a hard left lurch towards open borders has captured the Democrats in the United States where since the preselection for the senate in the mid term elections of self declared socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who has nominated open borders as a major policy plank, many other Democrats now feel safe to come out of the closet. It is fast becoming so mainstream on the left that even the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Convention, Keith Ellison has declared that he too is on board with open borders.
Interesting to that in the same 24 hour news cycle Australia’s Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural affairs, Alan Tudge was giving a speech in London extolling the virtues of cohesion, Australian values, saying that:
“..Without social cohesion, economic growth will be constrained; without social cohesion, national security will be put at risk – as residents of London know too well. There are two factors central to Australia’s success in maintaining social cohesion: careful immigrant selection and an insistence on immigrant integration. We choose who comes. We don’t outsource this choice to people-smugglers and we don’t leave it to chance..”