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It’s only when the political class embarrassingly trip up on the most basic of basics on Australian history, like the Deputy Leader of the National Party, Brigid McKenzie with her gob smacking, face-palm, clanger about Captain James Cook “stepping ashore in 1788” that it gives the game away.

This level of ignorance sucks the oxygen out of the room and once again rams home just how vacuous and dumb and how badly served we are by a cohort of politician who bluff and bluster their way through public life and would have us believe they know what they’re talking about.

To rework and paraphrase the recent Coke, Zero Sugar, “what else haven’t I tried” television commercial, McKenzie might like to tell us “what else she doesn’t know”.

Are we really at a point where we need to sort this fourth grade general knowledge out at pre-selection like a 1964 Miss Showgirl contest?