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Last Thursday Malcolm Turnbull said that the by elections were a test of leadership and policy. Less than forty eight hours later he dismally failed his own test. Combined with his thirty News Poll metric and now his self imposed leadership and policy bar and his general clumsy, awkward, ham fisted dithering, he should do the honourable thing and in the best tradition of Antarctic explorer, Lawrence Oates of the Scott expedition, take a walk in the snow. Or be shoved out the door.

Meanwhile, the audio image of Shorten on Saturday night was one of ‘back of the ute Bill’ in full blue singlet, AWU mode, bunging on his best, strine like bluster to connect with the mob. He was, as we’ve seen and heard him before, like some bloviating, windbag and demagogue with the usual Labor call to arms. A rabble rousing, union boof head and Arthur Caldwell like throwback to the 1950’s in the tiled front bar of a Redfern pub. (with Ken Howard in the background calling the 6th at Randwick)