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GetUp activist Carla McGrath’s time at the Australian Press Council has come to an end and not before time. The question is how her appointment ever passed the pub test in the first place?

It was quite apparent to the average Joe Schmo that the appointment of the Deputy Chair of GetUp to the APC was fraught, loaded with an irreconcilable conflict of interest and could only undermine the credibility and damage the reputation and findings of the council.

McGrath’s conflict was quite apparent from day one and her intransigence in refusing to resign simply elevated the index of suspicion as to her motives as well as the motives of the former APC Chairman and former board member of a GetUp sponsored litigation fund, Professor David Weisbrot, as McGrath’s patron and mentor, in facilitating her nomination in the first place.


Those motives and machinations are a case study and bring into fine focus how “the long march through the institutions” continues, one board member at a time, as hard left organisations like GetUp and other AstroTurf outfits, manoeuvre, manipulate and penetrate with a view to stacking the board of pivotal and critical commissions, committees, councils and tribunals such as the Australian Press Council with like minded activists for eventual and total, capture and control.